06 December 2015

Collecting Tolkien: Middle-earth Jewellery

This week's theme is my favourite: jewellery! There are so many unique and incredible film replicas and pieces inspired by the books that will excite the male or female Tolkien fan in your life.

Rings of power (and more!) from Badali Jewelry

Badali is my go-to whenever I am in the market for a new piece of jewellery. I have been a loyal and extremely happy customer since 2004. Visit my Instagram to see more photos of my Badali items!

The original One Ring / Elvish love script from Jens Hansen, creator of the original One Ring, as seen in Peter Jackson's films. 

Nenya, the ring of Galadriel (and more) from The Noble Collection.

I have this ring and a few other pieces from The Noble Collection; after almost a decade of frequent wear, they are still just as gorgeous as ever. I would also recommend the ring of Barahir and Arwen's Evenstar pendant.
Black tungsten One Ring from Tungsten Affinity.

 Hobbit Door cufflinks from Artfire Supplies.
Shire map earrings by Mithril and Mathoms.

I'm pretty sure the White Tree of Gondor necklace given to me by my friend Valdís came from this Etsy shop – they have a wide variety of Tolkien-inspired necklaces, earrings, keychains, and more.

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