17 December 2015

Live Like a Hobbit in Green Mountain Homes' Eco-Friendly Micro-Houses

If you've ever wanted to live in your very own hobbit hole, now may be your chance! Florida-based Green Mountain Homes create eco-friendly micro-houses which, being covered in grass and soil to exist as part of the surrounding nature, are reminiscent of Tolkien's hobbit holes.

Green Magic Homes
The company states that these eco-friendly homes can be built in extreme climates, including desert or snow, and are designed to fit an individual's needs or preferences. Depending on the size of the home, assembly can take about three to six days and costs $34.74 per square foot (plus shipping). Additionally, the company will ship to anywhere in the world, making these hobbit homes accessible to every Tolkien fan.

This is something I personally would love to live in; I've always relished the idea of living somewhat minimally, but also living fully immersed in the nature around me. As soon as I can afford some decent land with a beautiful view of New Hampshire's White Mountains, you can bet I'll be looking at getting my own little hobbit-hole from Green Mountain Homes!

Green Magic Homes
For more information and pictures, visit the company's website at Green Magic Homes.

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