02 January 2016

My Tolkien Collection: First Item

These are two of the first books I can remember adding to my collection. I first read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings from the set on the left, which I had borrowed from my uncle; when it came time to return them, I decided to buy my own copy of The Hobbit for future reading. The Lord of the Rings single volume movie tie-in version was a birthday gift from my parents the year The Fellowship of the Ring came out in theatres. As you can see, it has been one of my most used and referred to copies of The Lord of the Rings!


My first bit of non-book memorabilia was the gold-plated One Ring on a chain (right) from My Precious Fantasy Webshop. I knew one of the first items I wanted in my collection was the One Ring, the whole centrepiece of the books; and when I found this one in my price range, I had to grab it right away! Ten years later, and I'm still a loyal customer of My Precious and Badali Jewelry – in fact, on New Year's Eve I put in my order for their version of Vilya to complete my Elven rings of power set!

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