04 January 2016

My Tolkien Collection: Items I've Splurged On

Most of my splurges come in the form of jewellery; I love being able to wear my passion on a daily basis, and most of my pieces tend to be great conversation starters!


My earliest splurges came when I was still in middle school and had little money to my name. I managed to save up birthday and Christmas money several times for items such as the Ring of Barahir, the Ring Nenya, and the Evenstar pendant.


More recent splurges include Thrór's key, Gandalf's ring Narya (which I ordered a few months ago), and Vilya, which I just ordered on New Year's Eve. I figured I'd start the new year off with a nice gift to myself! At some point, I'd love to do a video review of my Badali items, so keep an eye on my YouTube channel for that!

I purchase a lot of items from Badali Jewelry and My Precious Fantasy Webshop

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