01 January 2016

Tolkien Collection Photo Challenge

If you're following me on Instagram, you've probably seen my posts about Middle-earth News' Tolkien Collection photo challenge, organised by fellow reporter Myla Malinalda and myself. In an attempt to start posting more regularly, I figured I would carry the challenge over to here, especially since not everyone is on social media.

If you have a blog or any kind of social media account, feel free to participate! (If not, you can always leave a comment on any of my posts showing off your item for that entry.) One of my favourite things about being a collector is seeing what other people like to collect.

Additionally, this photo challenge only covers 20 days, but I'd like to go through the entire month of January, so I'll likely be thinking of a few more items to add to the list. If there's something specific from my collection you'd like to see or know more about, leave a comment and I'll post it before the month is over!

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