03 February 2016

Valentine's Day Shopping, Middle-earth Style

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! While I'm not a big celebrator of this holiday, it's still a perfect opportunity to spoil (or be spoiled by) your significant other or loved ones! Whether you're in a serious relationship, just started dating, or simply want to show some love to your Tolkien-loving BFF, here's a list of ideas to suit every recipient!

Mini Lord of the Rings keepsake box  
CdsCrafting ($42)

 The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings deluxe pocket edition
Barnes & Noble ($30)

Entwined One Ring necklace  
Noble Collection ($44.96)

His and hers Nenya boxed set
 Badali Jewelry ($177)

Hobbit and Lord of the Rings watches
HobbitShop ($35.96-$44.96)

Hobbit Valentine's Day cards
thelovelylionshop ($3-$20)

Kili's runestone
WetaNZ ($9.99)

Bilbo & Thorin BFF necklace or keychain
CharmingClayCreation ($14.95)

Leave a comment below with your own Valentine's Day suggestions or wishlist items!

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