13 May 2016

New Ink!

It's been seven years since I got my last tattoo, and recently I'd had that itch again. While I always told myself I would only ever get Tolkien-related tattoos, I broke my rule this time and opted to get something from the other great love of my life: Star Trek. I don't post about it much, as I've always associated myself more with Tolkien, but I am a huge fan of Star Trek (TOS and TNG). Spock has always been an extremely significant character in my life, and I wanted some ink to show it.

Yesterday I went to Grim North Tattoo and Piercing in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where apprentice Josh Belanger came up with some really unique designs based on the vague input I'd given him. I chose this particular design because it was simple, unique, and exactly what I had been looking for. I'll post more pictures once it's fully healed, but here are some pictures I took this morning:

Obviously I had to put on the uniform, too!

Now I have the bug again and can't wait to add some more ink – all Tolkien-related from here on out, though! I hope to go back to Josh when I'm ready, because after looking through his art portfolio, I'm convinced he'd be perfect for any of the Mordor-themed ink I'm thinking of getting.

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