30 September 2016

Tolkien-Inspired Fashion/Closet Cosplay

I was recently inspired by the lovely folks over at LootCrate to come up with a post inspired by geeky fashion. LootCrate offers a variety of subscription boxes filled with geeky collectibles for a low monthly rate – boxes range from several categories, including an increasingly popular "Loot for Her" box. There's something for every type of collector, so be sure to check them out and see for yourself!


Gandalf is my absolute favourite Tolkien character. I feel our personalities are very similar: I am a good observer who often knows more than I am willing to reveal, I am a good judge of character and seeing the potential in every person, and I certainly love a good adventure! And since most of my wardrobe is black or grey, it wasn't hard to come up with an outfit inspired by him!

When most of us think of Gandalf, we think of flowing grey robes, a pointy hat, bushy eyebrows, and a grey beard. Now unfortunately, I don't own any hats, nor do I have a beard or bushy brows; but I like to think I have the flowing grey garb down. I threw in the scarf just because it's fall and I like to pair different shades of grey together every now and then.

My favourite part about this outfit, and the accessory which everything else centres around, is the knitted handwarmers. They were given to me last winter as a gift, and my very first thought upon receiving them was "I can totally see Gandalf wearing these!" Needless to say, I wear them all season long, until it's too warm.

Additionally, I was able to pair some of my favourite jewellery: Thror's key necklace and the ring of Narya from Badali Jewelry. I wear the ring every single day and get countless compliments on it. 

As an added bonus, I decided to throw in another look, more on the casual side. I own a lot of Tolkien-themed t-shirts, but I am not a t-shirt person at all so I hardly ever wear them! This is how I would have dressed in middle & high school, though, so it was kind of nostalgic to "dress up". I simply paired my "Hobbit Nightmare" t-shirt (from PopUpTee) with a map of Middle-earth infinity scarf I was gifted (from Etsy) and Hobbit messenger bag/backpack (also a gift; from HobbitShop).

What's your favourite geeky look? Leave a comment below, Tweet me your photos, or tag me on Instagram! I want to see your picks!

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