09 October 2016

REVIEW: Smaug the Golden Necklace from Badali Jewelry

I am delighted to have the chance to review another beautiful item from Badali Jewelry! Following the same theme as my last review (the Smaug/Arkenstone set, which you can read here), this new necklace features the mighty dragon Smaug resting atop his bed of gold, the Arkenstone at the centre of his hoard.

The necklace is absolutely gorgeous – Smaug is reminiscent of Tolkien's own design, and the details on the tiny dragon are stunning. The jewel catches and reflects all light that hits it, truly capturing the essence of the Arkenstone and making this an eye-catching piece. I love that this necklace is not just a representation of a character or a theme, but that it actually depicts an important part of the story.

It was hard to get a good quality picture of me wearing the necklace, but this at least shows you the size of the necklace. I love that it's a bit on the smaller side, and I love how well the gold stands out (I wear a lot of black, so I'll be wearing this necklace a lot to make my outfits pop!).

The necklace, I'm told, should be available in a few more weeks; be sure to follow Badali Jewelry on all social media platforms so you can grab yours as soon as they become available! If you're a Tolkien fan who wants to show off your love of Middle-earth, Badali is the way to go! I've been an extremely happy customer since 2004 and I know you will love their products and their customer service as much as I have.

I also want to add a few words about another item I had purchased during the September Hobbit Birthday sale – two Nenya tracer bands, which are stunning. They add even more vintage elegance to the ring, and I can't wait to see how many additional compliments I start getting!

You can get your own officially licensed Hobbit and Lord of the Rings jewelry at BadaliJewelry.com! You can also find Badali Jewelry on:

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