16 November 2016

2016 Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

The holidays are fast approaching! Not sure what to get the Tolkien fan in your life? (Or maybe you're looking to treat yourself to something special this year?) Here are some ideas for every budget!

Under $15

Barnes & Noble

MillionaireFabric on Etsy





  • The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion from Easton Press ($370)
  • The Return of the Shadow, The Treason of Isengard, The War of the Ring, and The End of the Third Age from Easton Press ($396)
  • Middle-earth Limited Collector's Edition Hobbit & Lord of the Rings Blu-ray + DVD, available at Amazon/Target/Walmart ($499.96)

Still feeling stumped? Some online places worth checking out are AbeBooks, HobbitShop, Etsy, and ebay! Other retailers which usually offer some sort of Tolkien-related merchandise include Barnes & Noble, FYE, Books-A-Million, Bullmoose, Borders, Hot Topic, and Newbury Comics!

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