26 August 2017

New Book Details the 'Flora of Middle-earth'

Ever wondered what coffee in Middle-earth might have tasted like? I was actually thinking about this the other day, and then happened to stumble upon an article about an upcoming book from University of Florida botanist Walter Judd. In Flora of Middle-earth: Plants of JRR Tolkien's Legendarium, from Oxford University Press, Judd answers that burning question in addition to analysing over 160 other plants – either real or based on real species. Each entry features woodcut-style illustrations by Judd himself, very much in the style of what you might find in a hobbit's book of flowers.

Tolkien was quite fond of nature, as you'll find in reading The Lord of the Rings especially; so it's no wonder there's enough material to devote an entire book to!

For more information and exclusive pictures, check out the post on Entertainment Weekly's website!

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  1. My Daughter bought me this for my birthday, it's very interesting, as much a book about botany as Tolkien. If you love trees and Middle Earth it's worth a read.