22 November 2018

New Ring of Barahir from Badali Jewelry

Last night on Instagram and Facebook, the folks at Badali Jewelry finally announced one piece I had long been waiting for: Aragorn's ring, the Ring of Barahir, available with either silver or gold crown.

We can almost envision the moment in the Middle-earth™ year of 2980, when a young Aragorn entered Lórien to meet his beloved Arwen Undómiel™.  Among the majestic trees of Lothlórien, Aragorn™ presented Arwen™ with his family ring, the ring of Barahir, and he pledged to her his love and life.  There, together they swore their loyalty upon the hill of Cerin Amroth.  Over the ages the ring changed hands many times, ultimately ending up in the care of Elrond of Rivendell.  In the Tale of Aragorn and Arwen, Elrond called Aragorn by his true name, Elessar, and delivered unto him the heirlooms of his house:  The Ring of Barahir and Shards of Narsil.

The ring will be available in US sizes 7 to 16 (whole, half, and quarter sizes).

With the holidays coming up - and Badali offering 30% off Black Friday through Cyber Monday with the code BLACKCYBER - now is the perfect opportunity to grab this beautiful piece and maybe even some others you've had your eye on!

For more information, or to grab yours now, visit http://badalijewelry.com/aragorn-ring.html!

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