28 April 2013

New Dates Announced for Boston Comic Con 2013

Boston's largest comic book convention, Boston Comic Con, has been rescheduled to 3-4 August, 2013 and will now be held at the Seaport World Trade Center.

Reconfirmed comic book creator guests are: George Perez, Mike Mignola, Mark Bagley, Bill Willingham, Tony Daniel, Ed McGuinness, Tim Sale, Steve Niles, Colleen Doran, Aaron Lopresti, Don Rosa, William Stout, Amy Reeder, David Mack, Mike Choi, Frank Cho, and Joe Eisma.

Laurie Holden ("The Walking Dead") has been reconfirmed as a celebrity guest.

Additionally, Boston Comic Con will be welcoming some new guests: Dan Didio, Phil Jimenez, Brian Azzarello, Cully Hamner, Barry Kitson, Paul Gulacy, James O'Barr, Howard Chaykin, Dave Johnson, Terry Moore, and Michael Golden.

Be sure to mark your calendars and order your tickets if you have not done so yet! If you previously ordered tickets for the April event, you are all set. Should you find yourself unable to attend, or desire a refund for any reason, you have until August 2 to do so.

For more information, visit BostonComicCon.com or follow them on Twitter @BostonComicCon!

24 April 2013

LOTRO's Newest Expansion Coming This Fall

Earlier this morning, Turbine finally made the much-anticipated announcement: LOTRO’s fifth expansion, Helm’s Deep, will be released this fall.

In the new expansion, players can continue through the epic storyline, which will take them through Western Rohan and ultimately have them participate in the epic Battle for Helm’s Deep – as early as level 10, players can help defend Helm’s Deep, earning rewards for their contributions (win or lose).

Additionally, the level cap will be extended to 95 and class specialisation will be “completely updated.”

22 April 2013

LOTRO to Begin Handing Out “Hobbit Presents”

Turbine’s popular MMO, The Lord of the Rings Online, will soon be rewarding its dedicated players with presents just for logging into the game. There are two types of presents available: a Silver Present (daily reward for all players) and a Gold Present (a weekly reward for VIP players). Each will drop many unique goods – gear, gold, boosts, and food – with weekly presents having a higher chance of rare drops.

According to Turbine, the present system will take into account a character’s class and level when generating the reward. Additionally, only one free present per account will be issued daily.

These goodies follow Turbine’s 6th Anniversary Festival, which continues to run through 30 April, and its “Welcome Back Weekend” (18 -21 April), during which players were given a 100% XP boost.

Also of note: Turbine’s Game Servers are currently offline for scheduled maintenance. They are scheduled to come back up around 1pm EST (-4 GMT).

20 April 2013

Boston Comic Con Postponed

Due to the tragic events which have transpired in the city of Boston this week – beginning with two explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, which sparked a 4 day manhunt for two brothers suspected of the crime and ended with one brother dead and the other in custody – this year's Boston Comic Con, initially scheduled for today and tomorrow, has been postponed.

Those of you who have already purchased tickets will be able to redeem them at the rescheduled show; should you find yourself unable to attend, your tickets will be refunded. Please visit the convention's website for more information.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the dedicated law enforcement, FBI, medical, and government personnel who helped make the city safe once again.

I would also like to send my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those injured in the explosions, as well as those who lost their lives – Martin Richard, Lingzi Lu, Krystle Campbell, and Sean Collier.

14 April 2013

LOTRO's 6th Anniversary Festival

Gamers, mark your calendars! LOTRO will be celebrating their 6th Anniversary with another festival (16 April - 30 April).

Among some of the festivities and bonuses are:
  • 100% bonus XP on all monster kills from 18 April - 21 April
  • Beer Battle event
  • A variety of festival quests and deeds (gift-giving, fireworks, and an invitation hunt)
  • Horse-races in Bree-land and the Shire
  • New monsters which will drop Anniversary tokens upon defeat (tokens can be bartered for Anniversary Gift Boxes)
Visit A Casual Stroll to Mordor for more details (and to view last year's festival guide)

13 April 2013

Lore-Master Brytja

With my Captain, Beornara, stuck at level 82 until I cave and buy the Riders of Rohan expansion; my level 75 Champion, Brittanyia, all but abandoned; and my level 52 Hunter, Bregolad, in need of a break, I decided to roll another alt – despite the fact that I'd just recently started a Rune-Keeper, Beruthien (now level 33). This time, I decided to try the Lore-Master class.

I chose the class mainly because I enjoyed my Captain so much – particularly the Companion aspect. But most importantly, because I really, really, really want a pet fox (since I can't have a real one, a virtual companion will suffice).

I went with another Woman, since Beornara was so dear to me. And again, she is from Rohan. I decided to try and make her look and seem more Nordic in appearance, hence the white-blond hair and grey eyes. I'm still trying to work out the family tree/back stories for each of my characters, but Brytja, I have decided, is the daughter of my Hunter: hence her full name, Brytja Bregoladsdóttir.

Brytja's companions: Bjarn, Freyja, and Frothgár
Brytja is currently at level 33; however, most of levels 22-30 were gained via the new crafting system, which grants regular XP in addition to crafting XP each time you craft/harvest something. I decided that with Brytja, I was going to tackle the crafting early on, rather than wait and try to catch up at the very end (as I did with Brittanyia). Currently she has completely mastered the Farming craft, and is currently known as Brytja Bregoladsdóttir, Eastemnet Master Farmer.

Now, she's plugging along through Garth Agarwen to catch up on rep with the Eglain and master the other two crafts in the Woodsman vocation – Woodworker and Forester.

I've found that while I enjoy having a Companion and ability to stun/daze multiple targets, I still prefer my close-combat classes, primarily Captain and Champion (did I mention that in my severe case of alt fever, I also rolled another Champion on the Nimrodel server?).

07 April 2013

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things...

First and foremost, my sincerest apologies for having been away/inactive for so long. Unfortunately, "real life" and other such things got in the way just a wee bit. But now I'm back and ready to begin posting regularly to this blog again.

If you don't follow me on Twitter, then you probably missed the poll I put out a few weeks ago: If I were to occasionally discuss other fandoms on this blog, would you mind? The general consensus was either, "I'd love to read more about the things you're interested in!" or, "I would only read the Tolkien-themed posts, but feel free to go ahead and expand."

Personally, I feel that posting a variety of things will help expand both my blog as well as my audience; for awhile I had tried (unsuccessfully) to run a second blog for the "non-Tolkien" stuff. I believe having everything in one place will be much easier to manage; I will also have an easier time updating this blog as frequently as I'd like.

If you're only interested in my Tolkien posts, don't you worry! That will still be my top priority here – which actually brings me to my next topic of discussion.

I would like this blog to become more of an academic/informative area in regards to Tolkien; as such, I am currently working on a few short essays to post in what I hope will be the near future. Here's where I need your help: if there's anything in all of Tolkien's works that you're interested in, confused about, or just want to learn more about, please leave a comment below, shoot me a message on Facebook, or Tweet me your suggestion!

And, as always, thank you for reading my blog, following me on Facebook/Twitter, and – most importantly – putting up with my extended absence!

Britta xx