10 November 2021

Review: Lord of Maps

Hail friends and well met! It sure has been awhile since I ventured back into the world of blogging and social media, but what better way to jump back in than with a review of one of the coolest pieces I have had the joy of adding to my collection?

I was on Instagram one afternoon several months ago and was intrigued by an advertisement I saw for "Lord of Maps", an account run by Isaac Dushku featuring various maps in the style of JRR Tolkien. As the algorithm would have it, the map that caught my eye was none other than a map of my own home state - New Hampshire. Of course I had to grab one! 

From the minute my order arrived I knew I was going to be impressed. For starters, my map came in the coolest packaging, which I have refused to throw away:

As for the map itself, I was extremely impressed by the attention to detail and the accuracy of the locations. Seeing my hometown as well as all the places in New Hampshire I have visited adapted to the style of Tolkien's own maps of Middle-earth was a real joy. The maps come in two styles - original, which is very crisp and clean, and reminiscent of what you would find in a copy of The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit; and the aged-look style, which is what I imagine Bilbo would have hanging on a wall in Bag End. I ordered the 16x20 map in the aged look style and it ended up perfectly matching the earthy tones of our study:

I chose not to buy the map with frame and have come to regret that decision as finding a suitable frame has been a real challenge. I would highly recommend purchasing with the frame, which amplifies the vintage look of the map and turns it into a real statement piece. 

In addition to the 50 United States, Lord of Maps offers maps of various other countries and regions, including Japan, Africa, England, and even a World Map. You can also find stickers and t-shirts featuring some of these designs.

I will definitely be adding more maps to my collection, and if you're a fan of maps in general or just looking to add something unique to your (or a loved one's) Tolkien collection, you'll definitely want to grab a map or two of your own. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite items in my collection. 

Be sure to check out more of Isaac's work at LordofMaps.com and follow him on Instagram!